Heavy Duty Toggle

Our heaviest-duty anchor yet. Provides a secure hold up to 120lbs.

Maximum strength and holding power.
E-Z Ancor Heavy duty drywall toggle anchors secure easily into drywall for a strong connection. Ideal for heavy duty applications up to 120 lbs.
Pre-drilling is required.


Common Applications

Ideal for:

  • Shelving
  • Handrails
  • Televisions
  • Wire Racking and more

Installation Instructions

Step-by-step guide for anchor installation.


1. Identify and mark anchor location; drill a ½” diameter hole. Fold metal toggle against plastic strap and insert through the drilled hole.

2. Pull end of straps away from wall or ceiling until toggle sits flush against the back of your wall or ceiling.
3. Slide plastic cap towards wall or ceiling until the cap flange is snug against the surface of the wall or ceiling.

4. Gently separate straps and bend straps away from one another at the point where the strap meets the cap. Do not wiggle the straps or break in same direction. Broken straps can be discarded.

5. Place fixture mount over the flange, insert bolt*, and tighten against fixture. Ensure bolt length is at least ½ “ longer than the combined thickness of your fixture and wall or ceiling.
*Choose bolt diameter according to fixture hole size. Hole fixture size should be larger by 1/16”.

Product Specifications

Ultimate tension for drywall pullout
  1/2” Drywall 5/8” Drywall
3/16” Bolt 160lbs 220lbs
1/4” Bolt 160lbs 220lbs

Maximum Yield Value for Shear in Drywall
  1/2” Drywall 5/8” Drywall
3/16” Bolt 110lbs 160lbs
1/4” Bolt 120lbs 220lbs

Anchor Specifications. Drill Diameter Requirement Included Bolt Size
  Hole Size Bolt Size
3/16” Bolt 1/2” 3/16” — 24x2.5”
1/4” Bolt 1/2” 1/4” — 20x2.4”


Available In

10 pk
25720 - 10 pk
25 pk
25730 - 25 pk
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25721 - 10 pk
25 pk
25731 - 25 pk

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