Toggle Lock

Made with our exclusive TOGGLE LOCK technology to simplify installation and hang up to 100 pounds!
  • Versatility for multiple applications - hangs up to 100 pounds in wall and 50 pounds in ceiling.*
  • Simple, easy installation, especially when compared to ordinary toggle bolts.
    • No messy pre-drilling.
    • No difficult pre–assembly.
    • Fewer installation steps.
  • Superior one–piece construction prevents losing pieces behind wall.
* Refer to product specs for limitations and restrictions.

Common Applications

Mounting Brackets
Hanging Planters
Bulletin Boards
And More!

Installation Instructions

Using #2 Phillips screwdriver press anchor tip slightly into drywall. Applying pressure, turn anchor until flush with drywall and arrows on head of anchor point up and down. Do not overtighten.

Push screw through item to be hung and halfway into anchor to engage toggle bar. Item thickness 3/4" or less with screw provided.

Tighten screw flush and continue turning. Screw stops when toggle bar secures against wall.

Product Specifications

Wall Thickness*½” drywall
½” ceiling
Hangs up to**100 lb
50 lb
Screw size2-¼”
MaterialZinc alloy
Maximum fixture thickness with screw¼”
For thicker fixtures:
Screw length required = 1" + fixture thickness
*Measuring Drywall Thickness
**Weights shown are for items hung flush to wall and will be less for those hung out from the wall, like shelving.

EZ Anchor Drywall Toggle Anchors are rated at 100 lbs. for holding products that hang flush to the wall. This rating is per job, not per anchor. Using additional anchors does not incrementally change the weight that can be supported. For example, using 2 EZ Ancor Drywall Toggle Anchors rated at 100 lbs. will not hold 200 lbs.
Do not use for mounting televisions.

Available In

2 pk
10006 - 2 pk
10 pk
25220 - 10 pk
25 pk
25320 - 25 pk

Additional Information

E-Z Ancor® Limited Warranty

These products are sold "AS IS" without any express or implied warranties. ITW Brands' sole liability, if any, shall be to replace this product or refund the purchase price.