E-Z Ancor Complete Line Up
From light to medium or heavy-duty applications, E-Z Ancor has a complete line of fasteners made to secure and hold anything from 40 to 120 lbs.
E-Z Ancor Light to Medium Duty Anchors
From our Twist-N-Lock to our Stud Solver and Toggle Lock, E-Z Ancors are a simple, secure, fast, and easy way to  install whatever you need into drywall, with a holding of strength up to 100 pounds in shear applications. 
E-Z Ancor Heavy Duty Drywall Toggle Anchors
Whether it’s shelves, handrails or TVs, E-Z Ancor heavy-duty pull toggle anchors are designed to install and secure a variety of items into drywall up to 120 pounds.
  • Save time with E-Z Ancor's self-drilling anchors; No Pre-drilling required!
  • Have confidence with E-Z Ancor's strong holding power! Our self-drilling anchors hold up to 100 lbs. in shear applications.
  • Anchors install flush to the wall to prevent wobbling and loose fixtures.
  • Versatile product line covers multiple applications from light to heavy-duty.

Installation Made E-Z

Our new heavy-duty drywall toggle anchor is easy to install and holds strong for a variety of heavy-duty applications.

ITW Construction Full Line Catalog

The ITW Construction Full Line Catalog provides a complete listing of all product types and sizes.

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